Kashmiri Masala Tikki (Ver Without Garlic)

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  • Quantity:- 1 Pc.
  • Without Garlic and Onion.
  • Fresh and Tasty.
  • Give your Cuisine Essence of Kashmir


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Product Details
Ingredients:-Cloves , Zeera , Red chilly powder , Saunf Powder ,Sund powder, Fenugreek seeds ,Turmeric ,Garam Masala , Heeng (Asafoetida )

Masala Tikki also known as Ver in kashmir, Its one of the import Spice used in every Kitchen in Kashmi. The Masala Tikki is made from Spices like Cloves , Zeera , Red chilly powder , Saunf Powder ,Suund powder, Methraa ( Fenugreek seeds ) ,Turmeric ,Garam Masala , Heeng (Asafoetida ). Give Your cuisine essence of kashmir with Kashmiri Masala Tikki.

Note:- This Kashmiri Masala Tikki is without Onion & Garlic.

Note:- 1 Pc of kashmiri Masala Tikki (Ver Without Garlic)  will be shipped.

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