My Frozen Turbulence in Kashmir

My Frozen Turbulence in Kashmir
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  • Author:- Jagmohan
  • 12th edition.
  • Print length :- 924 pages
  • Language :- English
  • Publisher :- Allied Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
  • Publication date :- 15 November 2019
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  • ISBN-13 :- 978-9385926563
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My Frozen Turbulence in Kashmir, the Twelfth Edition of which is now being released, is a land-mark publication. It narrates and analyses not only the tumultuous events of the author's two terms of Governorship but also of subsequent developments which underline how a tragic blunder of truly historic proportion was committed by the power that be at the Union Government level by not seeing the warning signals hoisted by him. The updated Edition shows how the combined onslaught of subversive, separatists and pro-Pakistan elements was faced, particularly in the wake of Burhan Wani's death. It also shows how the outrageous perfidies of the genre of Uri terror attack were dealt with by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and how a New Resolve was formulated by him with seven ingredients, viz: (I) Exposure of Pakistan at UN Assembly; (II) Boycott of 19th SAARC Summit; (III) Revisiting Indus Water Treaty and Most Favoured Nation Status; (IV) Surgical Strike; (V) Baring the Ugly Face of Pakistani Bred Terrorism At the Multilateral Forum of BRICS; (VI) Deeper Exposure of Pakistan at HEART of Asia-Afghanistan Conference; (VII) Highlighting the Continued Violations of Human Rights in Balochistan and PoK, and Countering Pakistan's Diabolical Disinformation Campaign with Regard to Kashmir. Finally, the Edition assesses the promise, performance and potential of the new helmsman. It ends with the hope of emergence of a new pattern which is appeasement-free, terror-free, and in which the noblest strands and sinews of India's cultural heritage of treating service to man as service to God are regenerated, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, providing an illuminating avenue for reaching the goal of a mighty, enlightened and forward-looking India.

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