Eyes Wide Open (Story of Tiranga in Kashmir By Ranjna Raina)

Eyes Wide Open (Story of Tiranga in Kashmir By Ranjna Raina)
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  • Author:- Ranjna Raina. 
  • A Genocide survivor and Army Wife
  • Story of Tiranga in Kashmir. 
  • Paperback. 
  • 165 pages. 
  • Publisher:- Sabre and Quill
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EYES WIDE OPEN by Ranjna Raina is an authentic, first-person account of the events, past and present, of the beautiful land of Kashmir.

The book contains touching description of the trauma suffered by the author and her family, implicitly explaining the situation faced by Kashmiri Hindu community at large at the hands of radical Islamists and Pakistan proxies leading to the mass exodus of Hindu community.

It gives a glimpse of 'Kashmir Through The Ages' and lays bare the political machinations, intrigue and flawed policy decisions by different actors at different points of time resulting in the continued turmoil in the valley.

The author has very ably brought out the role played by Kashmiri women on the social, political and spiritual platforms through different and difficult situations.

The efforts made by different agencies/institutions including service personnel and their families to engage and encourage the Kashmiri society, particularly youth, to move forward on the path of nationalistic agenda of development and progress have been clearly identified. The "Asi Chhi Maqbool Sherwani" and Tiranga movement stand out as the remarkable symbols of new engaging and aspirational Kashmir.

Best part of book is perhaps the listing of all references of the source material used. This clearly shows how much of research has gone into bringing out this book. In days to come, this book is very likely to become an important reference point for those wanting to know Kashmir.

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