Kashmiri Almonds Kernels (Badam Giri)

Rs.449.00 Rs.600.00 -25%

Kashmiri Bazaar Brings Best Quality Kashmiri Almonds Kernels (Badam) Directly From The Fields Of Kashmir At Your DoorStep.


Kashmiri Walnut

Rs.430.00 Rs.699.00 -38%

Kashmiri Bazaar Brings Best Quality One Tree Kashmiri Walunts Directly From The Fields Of Kashmir At your DoorStep.Please Note:- We do not guar 


Laa-Jawab Kashmiri Chilli Powder (Jain Masale)

Rs.245.00 Rs.250.00 -2%

One of the Popular name In Jammu, JAIN MASALE WALE, Kashmiri Bazaar Brings Laa-Jawab Kashmiri Chilli Powder (Jain Masale) directly from Jammu at your Doorstep.Net Weight:- 500 Gram...


Mazdaar Kashmiri Rajma (Red Kidney Beans)

Rs.185.00 Rs.199.00 -7%

Kashmiri Bazaar brings Best Quality Mazdaar Jammu Rajma (Red Kidney Beans) directly from the fields of Kulgam (Jammu and Kashmir)


Tim Tim Kashmiri Saffron (1 Gram)

Rs.335.00 Rs.390.00 -14%

Kashmiri Saffron (Kashmiri Kesar) Is World Famous. Kashmiri Bazaar Brings 100% Pure Kashmiri Saffron Directly From The Fields Of Kashmir.Coming From The Dried Stigmas Of The Saffron Crocus, It Takes 75,000 Blossoms Or 225,000 Hand-Picked Stigmas To M...

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Watuk Puja Samagri

Rs.195.00 Rs.250.00 -22%

Watuk Puja Samagri Items Including in Watuk Puja Samagri :-1 Sarwasheru Aari2 Seven Anaj3 Google Dhoop4 Silver Foil5 Agar Bati6 Dhoop7 Kafoor8 Kand9 Atharoo10 Photo of Lord Shiva11 Naveed12 Tomul13 Nariwan14 Yagnopavit (Yonya)15 kishmish16 Honey...

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