Team Mahrin Badge

Team Mahrin Badge
  • Rs.39.00 Rs.49.00
  • 58 mm Diameter Badge with pin fastener.
  • Laminated Badge.
  • No Returns, No Exchange Applicable.
  • Delivery in 4-9 Working days.
  • International Shipping Available. 

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Celebrate the beauty and significance of the bride in Kashmiri weddings with our "Team Mahrin" badges. In Kashmiri, "Mahrin" means "bride," and these badges are a delightful way to honor this central figure in the grand celebration of a wedding.

Cultural Significance: These badges pay homage to the rich Kashmiri tradition, highlighting the importance of the bride in the wedding festivities.

Elegant Design: Crafted with care and attention to detail, these badges feature an elegant design that symbolizes the bride's importance.

Bride's Entourage: "Team Mahrin" badges are the perfect addition to the bride's entourage, creating a sense of unity and pride among the wedding party.

Customizable: Personalize these badges with the bride's name or any other custom details to make them a unique keepsake for the special day.

Great Keepsake: These badges serve as cherished mementos of the bride's role in the wedding, allowing the bride and the entire wedding party to remember the celebration for years to come.

Celebrate the Bride. Celebrate Love. Celebrate Kashmiri Traditions.

Elevate the joy of the wedding day with "Team Mahrin" badges that honor the bride's journey and add a touch of tradition to the festivities.

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