Bhagwan Shree Krishnan Lol-Sagar

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  • Title:- Lol Sagar
  • Author:- By : Shiben Kishen Sadhu "Saadh"
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Miracles do Happen

Right from my young age, I have been hearing about miracles from various people, particularly in the field of Spirituality, but never witnessed any such tions miracle until I started writing this book of Bhajans. I could feel that it is no less than a miracle for an ordinary person of my cadre who has neither any hereditary background of writing poetry or Bhajans nor have any such scholarly qualification. It is clearly by the Grace of Almighty Lord with Whose Blessings "Lol-Sagar" could take the shape of a Book of Bhajans comprising 139 Bhajans and 4 songs on KP Exodus. I am very sure that these Bhajans and songs will touch your heart, mind and soul..............

The basis of writing these Bhajans and compilation of "Lol-Sagar" originally stemmed from my passion to read "Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta" regularly for almost more than four decades and applying its teachings to life. Lord Krishna has been merciful and kind upon me and has guided me to write these fascinating Bhajans which include evaluation of what can be learned about consciousness, religion and what it is to be human.

This small book has proven Saraswati's Smile and Lord Krishna's blessings itself which are the "pearls of great price". Smooth and beautiful - this book is worthy of being used as a Maala (rosary) of Wisdom; which a Sadhak may utilize to navigate through the tsunamis of Sansaarik experience.

Last but not the least, I am highly Grateful to each and every member of "Shehjar Parrivar - Pune" the platform, where I got the utmost encouragement for writing these Bhajans. I wish whatever credit which I may get for this compilation, the same amount of credit should go to each member of Shehjar Parrivar.

My sincere prayer is that all readers of this book also receive what I have received from the Divine in terms of inner luminescence and self-realization through these heart-to-heart, intellect stimulating thoughts.

(Shiben Kishen Sadhu - "Saadh")

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