Kanwal Lal Mirch Paste

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  • Weight:-     450 Grams 
  • Ingredients:- Red Chilli Pulp.
  • No Preservative No Added Colour.

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  • Date of Packing:- 14-June-2023.
  • Date of Expiry:- 13-December-2024.
  • Best Before:- 18 Months from the date of Packing.

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Kanwal Lal Mirchi Paste is ready to cook Kashmiri Wazwan Gravies . 

Ingredients:- Red Chilli Pulp | No Preservatives, No Added Colour.

Preparation Method:- Cut open the Tin and pour the contents into a vessel. Add 2 tinfulls (1Liter) of water & stir Well. This is basic ingredient for WAZWAN. This gravy is also used to cook home made Veg & Non-Veg dishes to impart to them colour unforgettable taste flavor & aroma.

Spices are the soul of Indian cuisine, and among them, red chili peppers hold a special place for their fiery flavor. If you're a fan of bold, spicy dishes that awaken your taste buds, then Kanwal Lal Mirch Paste is your ticket to culinary delight.

Unveiling Kanwal Lal Mirch Paste:- Kanwal Lal Mirch Paste is not just any chili paste; it's a bold and vibrant blend of red chili peppers that packs a punch of heat and flavor. Carefully crafted from the finest red chilies, this paste is designed to infuse your dishes with the fiery essence of Indian cuisine.

The Spice of Life:- What sets Kanwal Lal Mirch Paste apart is its versatility. It's the perfect addition to a wide range of dishes, from sizzling curries to zesty marinades. Just a spoonful of this paste can turn an ordinary meal into a spicy extravaganza, making it a must-have in every spice lover's kitchen.

Premium Quality, Bold Flavor:

At Kanwal, we take pride in delivering the highest quality spices to your kitchen. Our Lal Mirch Paste is a testament to our commitment to flavor and authenticity. We source the best red chilies and process them with care to ensure that every jar of paste delivers that signature heat and boldness.

A Tradition of Spice:- Indian cuisine is celebrated for its bold and diverse flavors, and red chili peppers have been at the heart of many traditional recipes. With Kanwal Lal Mirch Paste, you can carry forward this tradition and explore the depth of spice that Indian cooking offers.

Kanwal Lal Mirch Paste is not just a condiment; it's a flavor enhancer, a tradition keeper, and a culinary companion. With this bold paste in your kitchen, you have the power to add a kick of spice to every meal. From mild to wild, Kanwal Lal Mirch Paste allows you to customize your dishes to your preferred level of heat.

So, why wait? Let the fiery flavor of red chilies elevate your dishes to new heights. Experience the spice of life with Kanwal Lal Mirch Paste and embark on a culinary journey that celebrates the bold heritage of Indian cuisine.

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