Kanwal Shahi Kehwa (Qawah) 300 Gram

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Kashmiri Kahwa Is World Famous. Kashmiri Bazaar Brings Ready To Drink Kanwal Shahi Kehwa Directly From Kashmir. 

Ingredients:-     , 

Kashmiri KahwaKashmiri Saffron, Elaichi Green, Zanjabeel, Cinnamon, Sugar.

How To Prepare:- 

Add One Teaspoon To A Hot Cup Of Water And Your Kashmiri Kehwa Drink Is Ready To Drink. You Can Make Upo 60+ Cups Of Kashmiri Shahi Kehwa From The Contents Of 300gm Pack. 



> It is caffeine free.

> It is a fat burner and digestive drink that improves concentration and fights stress.

> This drink energizes and has a warming effect. It is particularly beneficial to drink qawah in the cold winter night.

> It helps to relieve headache and maintain fluid level in the body.

> Green tea is an excellent anti-oxidant.

Pack contains 300 Grams of  Kanwal Shahi Qawah (Kahwa)

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