Sonia Kesar Honey (500 Gram)

Sonia Kesar Honey (500 Gram)
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  • Weight:- 500 Grams
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  • Date Of Packing:- November-2021
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Sonia Kesar Honey, Honey with Kashmiri Saffron in it.

Sonia Honey An ISO-22000/2005 Certified Company. Honey Has Been Used For Its Medicinal And Therapeutic Value For Centuries In India. Sonia Honey Saw The Potential Of Honey Beyond Its Remedial Value, Helping Every Household Imbibe The Goodness Of This Natural Wonder Liquid In Their Day-To-Day Life. Sonia Honey Then Packages And Sells The Highest Quality Indian Honey.

Our Products Are Well Designed, Reasonably Priced, Long-Lasting, And Have Been Developed, Modified, And Tropicalised After Thorough And Extensive Research And Our Own Practical Hands-On Experience. We Have A Strong And Well-Trained Field Team To Assist In Setting Up The Hives Correctly And As Well As Dealing With Any Technical Problems As And When They Arise.

Sonia Honey Provides A Comprehensive Package Of Services. This Is In Line With Sonia Honey Policy That Engages In Efforts Aimed At Attaining The Millenium Development Goals. As One Of The Largest Player In The Branded Honey Market, Sonia Honey Has The Back-Up Of Widely Spread Sourcing And Stringent Quality Control Measures:-

 Sonia Honey Sourced Selectively From Kashmir Valley And Hills Of Kishtwar, Doda, Banihal. 

 Sonia Honey Is At Your Service From Last 3 Decades. 

 Sonia Honey Always Belives In Quality. Our Specilization:

      1. No Crystalization.

      2. No Added Chemical.

      3. No Added Flavour, Aroma Or Color. 

 Collection Process Follows Stringent Quality Checks To Ensure Even Raw Unfiltered Honey Is Of Best Quality. 

 Raw Honey Is Filtered & Cleaned Of Impurities Such As Dust, Pollen And Wax At State-Of-The-Art Facilities. 

 Entire Process Is Mechanized And Untouched By Hands To Ensure Hygienic Conditions. 

 Sonia Honey Conforms Strictly With All Statutory Requirements Of ISO, The PFA And International Norms For Purity. 

 Sonia Honey Scored The Highest On The Main Parameters Of Honey Purity In A Recent Analysis Of All Indian Branded And Unbranded Honey.

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