Painting of Mata Bhagbhari Presents A Cloak To Guru HarGobind Ji In Kashmir

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During the reign of Jehangir , Guru Hargobind ji visited Kashmir ( 1620 A D precisely ) .Guru ji is reported to have met Bhai Ram Dass a sikh convert who was living just outside the Hari Parbat  fort wall . Mata Bhagbhari an old Kashmir Pandit saintess lived in Rainawari . Kashmiri Pandits used to worship Mata Bhagbhari as a saintess of high order. She is reported to have walked to the house of Bhai Ram Dass from Rainawari  to seek his help for  presenting  a Cloak to Guru Ji. Mata Bhagbhari had worn her eyes out while weaving the white Pashmina  cloak for Guru Ji. It is further mentioned in Sikh scriptures that Guru Ji was much pleased with this gift . He wanted to remove Mata Bhagbhari 's suffering . Guru Ji  shot an arrow into the ground  near Hari Parbat and water gushed out . He took the water and sprinkled it on Mata Bhagbhari's  eyes restoring her eyesight . The present Chatti Padshahi Gurudwara has come up exactly at this spot . Interaction between Mata Bhagbhari and Guru Hargobind ji is well preserved and documented in various sikh scriptures .

Initially a small wooden structure was built over here but later during the rule of Sikhs in Kashmir( 1819-1846 ) a Gurudwara and a Dharmshala was constructed by Hari Singh Nalwa the then Sikh Governor of Kashmir . Pandit Seva Ram ( who later came to be known as Bhai Seva ji ) of Rainawari,  son of Mata Bhagbhari was appointed as the first attendant of this shrine. 

The  links of Kashmiri Pandits  with Sikh Gurus are historic and based on respect  and admiration for their glorious deeds and sacrifices.

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