Painting of Pandit Birbal Dhar And His Son Raj Kak Dhar In The Court Of Maharaja Ranjit Singh

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  • Acrylic Oil Painting on canvas.
  • Size 56 cms x 61 cms.
  • Frame ready.
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  • Making time 5-10 days.
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"Birbal Pandit az sar e Kashmir Karad ta duur in Balaai Azim"

‌(From the crown head  of  Kashmir

Birbal removed away the huge calamity known as Azim Khan) 

Birbal Dhar was a leader of  the Kashmiri  resistance to the cruel and barbaric Afghan rule in the early 19th century. He  got Kashmir free from the  cruel and barbaric Afghan rule .The cruelties inflicted on Kashmiri Pandits by Afghan governors like Jabbar Khan, Iftikhar Khan,Hazar Khan ,Azim Khan and many more bring tears to our eyes. How we survived all this is nothing  less than a miracle.

Birbal Dhar  sacrificed his own family . Alongwith his son, he went to Lahore crossing inhospitable passes  and reached the court of Maharaja Ranjit Singh.

Pandit Anand Koul in his book 'The Kashmiri Pandit"  writes:

" When Azim Khan,  the Afghan governor came to know about Birbal' s march to Lahore, he ordered the capture of Birbal's wife and daughter in law. After capture , Birbal's wife committed suicide by jumping into Jhelum while his daughter in law was seized and  taken to Kabul."

Maharaja Ranjit Singh heard Birbal Dhar and his son. He assured them of his immediate help. Birbal Dhar brought Sikh soldiers from Lahore and a fierce battle took place near Shopian. The Sikh army was victorious and thereby ended the most cruel and barbaric rule in Kashmir.

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