Chinar Trees | Shikara | Samavar |Kashmiri Rhyme Books for Children

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  • Set of 3 books:
  • Shikara, Samavar, and Chinar Trees.
  • Chinar Trees and Other Rhymes & Folktales
  • Samavar and Other Rhymes & Stories
  • Author:- Grace Paljor
  • Includes rhymes, folktales, and general awareness of Flora and fauna of Kashmir.
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Immerse yourself in the charm and beauty of Kashmir with our captivating collection of rhymes and folktales. The Sheene-Pippen Series includes three enchanting books: Chinar Trees, Shikara, and Samavar.

  • Chinar Trees and Other Rhymes & Folktales: Journey through the valley of Kashmir with familiar and unique tales inspired by its rich culture and traditions. Delight in stories of Two Little Bulbuls, Caterpillar, and more, beautifully illustrated to capture the essence of Kashmiri life.
  • Shikara and Other Rhymes & Folktales: Explore the iconic Shikara, Apple Trees, and other delightful tales that transport you to the serene waters of Kashmir's lakes. Let your imagination soar with these enchanting stories, accompanied by vivid illustrations that bring Kashmir to life.
  • Samavar and Other Rhymes & Stories: Discover the warmth and hospitality of Kashmiri culture through stories of Noon-chai, Seasons, and the scenic beauty of the region. Lose yourself in the magic of Kashmir with this captivating collection, perfect for readers of all ages.

Each book features delightful illustrations and includes a General Awareness section highlighting Kashmir's indigenous flora and fauna, making it both educational and entertaining.

Add the Sheene-Pippen Series to your library and embark on a magical journey through the heart of Kashmir!

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