Zabar Masala Tikki

Zabar Masala Tikki
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Zabar Zafrani Masala Tikki, the traditional Masala mix of Kashmir Cuisine. Locally known as 'ver', this Masala Tikki or mix is traditionally in a circular disc shape. The wholesome Masalas (spices) are ground individually, and then are mixed together in appropriate proportions to make it a proper proportion of complementing flavor. Some oil is added to it and then finally a disc shape is given to it and is left to dry. This traditional Masala mix was traditionally used to preserve the spices and use them throughout the year especially during harsh winters.

  • Ingredients:- Kashmiri Chilli Powder, Garam Masala, WIld Onion, Garlic Paste, Salt. Coriander Powder, Ajwain, Edible oil, Cumin Seeds, Big Cardamom.
  • Directions:- Mix 2 spoonful's of Masala Tikki  to 20 ml cooking oil or water to prepare a tin paste, Ass the pasre to your preparation while its boiling or halfway through frying..

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