Untold Secrets Of Kashmir |Old Kasmira, Shaivism and Sharada Peeth

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  • Publication date: - 24 June 2021
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When Kaliyuga occurred spiritual masters & disciples became disappointed. They went hiding. So Kashmir Shaivism was lost. But Lord Shiva re-appeared in the form of Shrikanthanath. Again taught the Theory of Bhairava Tantras to Durvasa & instructed Durvasa Rishi to spread Bhairav Tantras & Kashmir Shaivism to the whole universe without any discrimination of caste or creed. Abhinav Gupta belonged to the lineage of Durvasa and became a strong propounder of Kashmiri Shaivism. Thus Shiva Sutras started spreading throughout the world.

About Author Indira Krishnan:-

The Author Smt.Indira krishnan is a permanent resident of Mumbai, India. Apart from being a successful career woman, she takes active part in the women empowerment activities and believes that a woman have a more significant role to play in the development of society .She has been trying to raise Social Awareness  through the NGO run by her. She also helps poor children to pursue their further studies by paying their fees& as well as helping cancer patients.This book is an attempt to publish her second book. Her first Book "Mother Divine" is a Best Seller"

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