Kaeshir Koor Badge

Kaeshir Koor Badge
  • Rs.39.00 Rs.49.00
  • 58 mm Diameter Badge with pin fastener.
  • Laminated Badge.
  • No Returns, No Exchange Applicable.
  • Delivery in 4-9 Working days.
  • International Shipping Not Available. 

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Embrace the essence of Kashmiri culture and celebrate the strength, grace, and identity of Kashmiri girls with our "Kaeshir Koor Badge." In the Kashmiri language, "Kaeshir-Koor" means "Kashmiri girl," and this badge is a symbol of pride and heritage.

Cultural Identity: The "Kaeshir Koor Badge" is a powerful representation of Kashmiri girls' cultural identity, symbolizing their roots and traditions.

Elegant Design: Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this badge features a design that reflects the grace and strength of Kashmiri girls.

Pride and Empowerment: By wearing this badge, you showcase your pride in being a Kashmiri girl and promote empowerment and unity within the community.

Customizable: Personalize the badge with your name or any other custom details to make it uniquely yours.

Great Keepsake: This badge serves as a cherished keepsake, reminding you of your heritage and identity, and can be worn on various occasions.

Celebrate Your Identity. Embrace Your Heritage. Proud to be a Kaeshir Koor.

Elevate your sense of pride, cultural identity, and connection with your Kashmiri heritage by wearing the "Kaeshir Koor Badge." Let it be a symbol of your strength and grace as a Kashmiri girl.

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