Shaarada Akshar Gyaan (शारदा अक्षर ज्ञान)

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  • Shaarada Akshar Gyaan (शारदा अक्षर ज्ञान) 
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Sharda is the oldest script used in Kashmiri Language and in ancient times Kashmir too was called Sharda Desh because of the sacred Shrine of Mother Goddess Sharda situated at the confluence of river Krishan Ganga and Madumati in the Village Shardi currently in occupied Kashmir by Pakistan. The Goddess in the temple is worshipped as embodiment of total energy that sustains the universe and as such is also worshiped as the goddess of knowledge or Saraswati as well. The temple was most famous in whole of India and as such Adi Guru Shankaracharya visited the Shrine in 788-810A.D. The place was also a noted centre for learning Hindu Scriptures. The famous Vedic philosopher Swami Ramanuj Acharya came to the shrine in the 12th Century A.D. Muslim scholars like Abul Fazal and Albruni as well came to the Shrine. The great Antiquary, Mark Arul Stein visited the Shrine in September 1892, Sharda script excelled upto 10th and 11th Century A.D. and came up to the mark of the cultural magnificence of the times. It was followed by Sanskrit script but Sharda script continued as the basic script and the Kashmiri Pandits till this day are using the script in the preparations of Horoscopes. The basic progress in the knowledge in the land of mother goddess of learning went on touching the new spiritual height. In the first Century A.D. under the patriarchship of a Shivite and Bodh Scholar of Kashmir Nagarjunas who gave out to the world Mahayana Bodhism while Kashmiri Trika Shavism continued to make the lives of people peaceful and well meaning. Mahayana Boddhism went from Kashmir to Central Asia, Malaysia and further to Japan. Kashmiri Trika Shavism which is Shiva Shakti worship spread from the Himalayan heights to extreme South and making Indian people as one entity. This all came from Sharda Desha or Kashmir and started from Sharda Script.

But unfortunately this back bone script of Kashmir is presently almost dying although Sharda Manuscripts are available in all the major research libraries. Jammu Rughnath Mandir Library established by Dogra Maharaja Ranbir Singh has collected a good number of Sharda manuscripts of rarity. These treasures could help in consolidating the Sharda script. No doubt Muslim fanatic rulers of Kashmir have destroyed most of the Sharda and Sanskrit manuscripts but yet whatever is left behind in the research libraries and in position of exiled Kashmiri Hindus, a good start can be made if some dedicated efforts are made in the name of fostering Indian tradition

These books come in Two Parts Bhaag 1 & 2

Bhaag 1 Rs. 70/-

Bhaag  2 Rs. 100/-

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