And the Valley Remained Silent: A saga of Forsaken Aboriginals

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  • Author:- Dr Rahul Magazine
  • Publisher:- Sabre & Quill Publishers
  • Print length:- 278 pages
  • Language:- English
  • Publication date:- 10 October 2022
  • Country of Origin ‏ :- ‎ India
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This work probes the circumstances surrounding the ethnic cleansing and cultural genocide of Kashmiri Hindus⸺ the torchbearers of Valley’s ancient culture. All the typical stages of genocide from classification of the victims to the denial of culpability are clearly visible in the narrative. Real-life incidents bring to light the discrimination this educated community faced in the Valley, the dire circumstances under which they had to flee their motherland and their dogged determination to once again rebuild their lives. These aboriginals chose to abandon their homes, but not their faith. They not only survived this calamity but also thrived, and that is an inspiration for all the persecuted people. The fact that not even one act of violent revenge can be ascribed to Kashmiri Hindus, speaks volumes about their ethos.

About the Author

Dr Rahul Magazine was born in a highly educated Kashmiri family living in the Karan Nagar locality of Srinagar, Kashmir. He did his schooling from Srinagar’s reputed Catholic Burn Hall School.  In 1990 his family had to leave behind their ancestral home and move to Jammu, due to the atmosphere of terror that had engulfed the Valley. After getting trained in modern medicine, and completing two post-graduations, he joined one of the most renowned private medical colleges in India. At present he is working as professor of respiratory medicine, and has published many research papers in national and international journals. He has devised technical manoeuvres such as Magazine’s air splinting manoeuver and Magazine’s head rotation manoeuvre, used during chest endoscopy. He has also published articles on philosophy, religion and history in various acclaimed magazines.


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